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Imperial russian medal "For the capture by storm of Geok-Tepe" Alexander II. copy

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Product description

Medal "For the Capture of storm Geok-Tepe" - it is a state insignia, which were awarded in the Russian Empire. The award was established in honor of the Akhal-Teke expedition, as a result of which the Geok-tepe was stormed. The capture of the city was organized personally by General Skobelev. The award was established on February 19, 1881, by the corresponding decree of Alexander the second, who gave the order to the military minister Milyutin. Characteristics of the award: Height: 90 mm ± 2 mm Diameter of token: 28 mm ± 1 mm Thickness: 2 mm ± 1 mm Weight 26 ± 4 gr. Metal Brass with silvering Block: Imperial wide 50 mm Ribbon: St. George's, 28 mm Package Contents: - an exact souvenir copy of the award; - insert with a description of the award; QUALITY COPY


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