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Imperial russian medal "For the pacification of Hungary and Transylvania" Nikolay I. copy

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Product description

IMPERIAL RUSSIAN MEDAL WITH A PAPER DESCRIPTION OF THE AWARD "FOR THE PACIFICATION OF HUNGARY AND TRANSYLVANIA" NIKOLAY I Russian troops participated in suppressing the Hungarian revolution in the summer of 1849. Nicholas I was well aware that the revolutionary wave that swept through Europe, with its success, could well reach out to Russia. Therefore, following the talks between Nicholas I and the Austrian emperor, an order was issued to send Russian troops, which led to the suppression of the Hungarian revolution. Medal "For the suppression of Hungary and Transylvania" - a reward that Emperor Nicholas I established to reward participants in the suppression of the uprising in Hungary in 1848-1849. All military men, officers, generals, soldiers were awarded this medal. Also to the award were medical professionals and officials, priests, employees who worked under the shelves and participated in suppressing the Hungarian revolution. Characteristics of the award: Height: 90 mm ± 2 mm Diameter of token: 28 mm ± 1 mm Thickness: 2 mm ± 1 mm Weight 26 ± 4 gr. Metal Brass with silvering Block: Imperial wide 50 mm Ribbon: St. Vladimir & St.Andrew,moire 28 mm Package Contents: - an exact souvenir copy of the award; - insert with a description of the award; QUALITY COPY QUALITY COPY


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